Test Press'

Bane - Don't Wait Up - Test Press #9/20
- Mike the legend sorted this through End Hits

It comes with a standard cover and is stamped on both the sleeve and also the record itself. I think the 9 looks like a 5, but Mike assures me I have number 9. It'd be cool if the cover had a stamp/sticker/writing stating it was a test press. Was great Mike had this sorted for me before I even mentioned something and for that I am forever grateful to him.

Bane - Give Blood – Black Test Press (unnumbered/8)
- I bought this direct from Aaron Dalbec

When I first did this blog, I sent the link to Dalbec asking if he had some spare stuff that he could sell me to help me complete the collection. Being the champ he is, he had a few, the gem of course is this test press, the record I sought after the most. Although it isn't that appealing as its black, has no labels indicating its bane, nor is it numbered.

Bane - 3:58 PM Los Angeles – Black Test Press (#20/20)
- I bought this direct from Sam at Triple B

I bought this at the same time as getting the Boston one, I like that its on a cover and has Test Press, 20/20 on it but I'd like it to have something on the record itself. 

Bane - Holding This Moment - Test Press #12/20
- I bought this direct from Matteo at Hurry Up Records

Again I like that it is in a cover and the bonus having 12/20 on both the cover and the record is neat, the only bummer here is (and you can see in the photo) above the A and N the record has split the cover a little bit in transit.

Bane – Give Blood Re-Issue – Spearmint Green Test Press (no number/15)
- I won this on eBay after offering $5 more a month earlier to Sam at Triple B, either way it made its way to me

I was sweating on the test of this as the others I had to go through record companies etc and I was kinda willing to pay whatever. Funnily enough after winning this I saw someone post somewhere that they felt bane records in the last few years had seemingly been going for a fair bit of money - yep that would be because I was bidding on a bunch of them. I love the colouring of this but lacks a cover and has no number - Sam told me there was 15 done.

Bane - 12:58 AM Rome - Test press #13/20
- I bought this direct from Matteo at Hurry Up Records

Matteo at Hurry Up did me a deal on this, Dublin and Holding this momemt all at once. To that point it was a new barrier of money spent on records. When they arrived I was stoked and regret nothing.

Bane - 6:58 AM Boston – Red Test press (#2/20)
- I bought this direct from Sam at Triple B

Bought at the same time as the LA test press. A bit more classic with the record having the test press label and the sleeve having the details on it.

Bane - 11:58 PM Dublin - Test Press #4/20
- I bought this direct from Matteo at Hurry Up Records

This has everything - cover, record and cover with number and a sleeve with a Bane sticker.

This is all 6 Test Press' together

A weeks wages of records that will never be played by me. Money well spent.

Still Need
* I only really care for actual Bane releases though, not the compilations
Bane - XXX – Test Press
Bane - Free To Think, Free To Be – Test Press
Bane - Holding This Moment 7" – Test Press
Bane/Adamantium - split – Test Press
As We (or I) Look into the future compilation – Test Press
Bane - It All Comes Down To This – Test Press
Bane - The Note – Test Press
All Systems Go! Compilation – Test press
America’s Hardcore Compilation (Triple B) – Test

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