Saturday, 25 October 2014

Don't Wait Up


Bane – Don't Wait Up (End Hits Records) – Black Test Press (9/20)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (End Hits Records) – Orange (1st Press /500)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (End Hits Records) – Blue/Aqua (1st Press /400)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (End Hits Records) – Purple (1st Press /300)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (End Hits Records) – Clear (2nd Press /500)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (End Hits Records) – Black (2nd Press /500)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (End Hits Records) – Green (3rd Press /300)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision) – Blue (1st Press /500)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision) – Yellow (1st Press /500)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision) – White (2nd Press /700)
Bane – Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision) – Transparent Blue (2nd Press /500) 
Bane – Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision) – Transparent Yellow (2nd Press /500) 
Bane – Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision) – White/Blue Swirl (2nd Press - US Tour /200)
Bane  Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision) - CD

The farewell release has arrived and it fails to disappoint. The album showcases all great elements of Bane brilliantly, the band really did an amazing job - Final backward glance to finish is as epic as Bane gets, and that's no mean feat! Equal Vision pressings were simply ordered off merch now with all the clothing and print as well, naturally. The End hits stuff was a bit more work, but mainly thanks to my brilliant German friend Mike and his connections hooking me up with the test press and ensuring I didn't miss any pressings (I believe all 1st pressings are sold out now). I ordered one of the colours with a shirt from Coretex as well. I have also just then literally read about a white pressing (which arrived today and isn't too bad) and a white/blue swirl pressing - seriously keeping up with bane pressings can be considered a part time job sometimes! Personal favourite is the Aqua blue, its such a nice rich colour that reminds me of pristine pacific waters. Very soon after this was posted, Equal Vision released the transparent blue and transparent yellow for the second pressing - currently in the mail. Also to note that the Equal Vision gatefold has both sides open (1 side has record, other is empty), while End Hits has one side glued up and the other side with the record - kudos to End Hits for this resulting in a nicer finish of the overall LP (small detail but noted).

Second pressing as expected came about. Blue and yellow were simply pre-ordered via equal vision and white I ordered via deathwish records because at the time it was a little hard to find for some reason. The US tour pressing was kindly put aside for me by Zach, who then took it to europe to give to Mike (along with his copy), who then sent it on to me.

Third Press from End Hits on a darkish green, its a nice solid colour. Simply ordered direct from website.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Give Blood Re-Issue LP


Bane – Give Blood Re-Issue – Spearmint Green Test Press (no number/15)
Bane – Give Blood Re-Issue (Equal Vision) – Red (400)
Bane – Give Blood Re-Issue (Triple B) – Red/White Splatter (200)
Bane – Give Blood Re-Issue (Triple B) – White (400)
Bane – Give Blood Re-Issue (Triple B) – Black (1000)

Got everything as pre-order so no dramas getting these (see test press tab for some info on that). Its a super cool re-issue with the massive booklet with some added bits and well because its give blood, it fucking rules. Printing on red then red/white is a bit of a downer, even if the red was through equal vision (who originally released it back in 2001), even though the record says triple B. The Rome 2010 picture on the inside cover annoys me because I wished I had jumped in that photo as I was around with them that afternoon. I still love that test press spearmint green!

Holding This Moment LP


Bane - Holding This Moment - Test Press #12/20
Bane - Holding This Moment - green (500)
Bane - Holding This Moment – red/white split (250)
Bane - Holding This Moment – yellow/black/grey (250)

When I was originally going to have just one of each release I ordered the yellow/black and then read how everybody compared it to vomit. Now having all three I still dont see why its bad, the green is boring (perhaps its just because bane seemed to print just about everything in green). The red/white is pretty clean and its always nice having the entire collection, including the cd.

Rome 12:58 am 7"


Bane - 12:58 AM Rome - Test press #13/20
Bane - 12:58 AM Rome – haze magenta/blue (250)
Bane - 12:58 AM Rome - grey (500)
Bane - 12:58 AM Rome - magenta (250)

For a while I was a bit confused about which was which with the two magenta based colours but somehow ended up with some spares and finally got ones where the difference was obvious. My magenta/blue copy also has nothing printed on the inside, Matteo seemed to think this is odd and nobody else has ever said this so maybe I have a one of a kind?