Bane  Bane Forever (xCan We Start Againx Records) - Tape (3/15)

The final show on tape. To obtain this it cost me a donation to Team Skylar (https://www.facebook.com/TSChildhoodCancerAwareness/). The finished product is immaculate and can not be faulted, both the visuals and the listening experience.

Bane  Don't Wait Up (Equal Vision/BRNWRCK) - Tape (1st Press /200)

Tape made up in conjunction with the final Asian tour in early 2015. Mike the legend grabbed this for me and gave it to me about 6 months later when we met in Switzerland for the final Euro tour. It has a real nice quality finish and the inner lyrics are on what seems like baking paper but transparent. It's cool.

Demo Tape

This popped up on ebay a few times but just stretched past what I was willing to pay but eventually I came up trumps. Real simple stuff printed on red paper (lyrics on other side of cover in photo) and hand written label on tape - true DIY from back in the day. I guess now I can officially say I have at least one of every release.

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