I have picked up a few shirts and hoodies over the years. I have had more but along the way have sold a few that didn't really fit or ones I didn't wear. Mike from Germany has a few I have thrown his way knowing he will wear them to death.

What is great is the simplicity. Simple name. Simple logo and used continuously. There is also a good mix of types of merch - plain with just logo, standard hardcore shots, use of lyrics and some random cool art. A bit of something for everyone!

Some of the merch I have just bought online from various places, some I have picked up form shows on the various tours I have seen them on. The Home For the Holidays show, I spent $65 and walked away with the shorts, crew neck and about 5 shirts. Theres also a few I have picked up with pre orders - mainly form the X:XX series.

Update: Feb 2015. The last few years have produced a few extra shirts and hoodies as expected. There was an Australian tour in 2013, a new album in mid 2014 and then I sold merch for them on the South American tour at the end of 2014.

Left: Hoodie sold on South American Tour. There was only 30 sold on the tour and they were all snapped up before we left Brazil. Grey inside hood and grey draw string.
Right: Hoodie sold with pre-order of Don't Wait Up from merch now. Both hoodies are pretty similar, probably didnt need to get the extra one in South America, but I did. 


South American tour shirt - Same front and back but the first print run had a few errors in spelling so the second run was printed correctly but nobody really cared for them so I think people related to the tour actually ended up with most of them

Grey shirt was one I had never bothered buying, until my friend Alistair gave it to me after wearing it on Halloween dressed as me. Blue shirt with Zach that seems to be printed a tonne and sells like hot cakes was from the Australian 2013 tour.

Left: Blue - purchased as part of the Don't Wait Up pre-order from Core-tex (German label)
Top: Brown - From South American Tour. This was printed on brown with both white and silver print. I had a white one, it disappeared somewhere on tour, I came home with a silver one.
2nd Top: Grey - From South American Tour. One of many with this print but the cool part is the city scape within the Bane part
2nd Bottom: Blue - From South American Tour. Probably the most comfortable shirt purchased with what is the new stock standard design for front and back.
Bottom: Black - South American Tour shirt (see above)


Top Left: White - From South American Tour - same as the grey shirt above
2nd Top: White - Came with merch now Don't Wait Up order (no back)
2nd Bottom: White - From South American Tour of the classic "Holding This Moment" print.
Bottom: Black - Black - South American Tour shirt (see above)
Top Right: Grey - From South American Tour. "A wasted life is worse than death", This shirt got printed on every possible shirt they could get their hands on after all the other stuff sold out multiple times in Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Most colours were kinda crap as it was printed overnight on anything that could be found and grey was the pick of the bunch really. This shirt is kinda big and only worn after sweating up the shirt I rocked up in to the show cutting loose.
Bottom Right: Dark grey shirt with no back left over at the bottom of the merch bag stuffed in a corner they brought over that Zach threw to me when I said it looked cool. It's kinda small though, but super soft.

Final Australian Tour 2015 Merch
Final European Tour 2015 Merch
Bottom Middle Shirt - One off done for the final ever European show in Budapest. 75 printed, went quick.

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