Indecision Records Split Series (Indecision Records) - Sky Blue (/??)

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Indecision Records Split Series (Indecision Records) - Silver (/??)

This is a 2016 Record Store Day release pressed on vinyl for the first time after being released on CD in 2001. The compilation is a collection of 7"s with a bunch of cool bands, including 3 songs from Bane. 2 songs are from the split with Adamantium and 1 song exclusive to this release. It's also possibly the first double LP release that comes in a single cover, but slightly wider. The sky blue colour is crisp.

America’s Hardcore Compilation (Triple B) – Purple Marble (333)
America’s Hardcore Compilation (Triple B) – Clear Red (765)
America’s Hardcore Compilation (Triple B) – Clear Blue (1050)

Still Need
America’s Hardcore Compilation (Triple B) – Test

Contains 1 bane song exclusive to this release. The red and blue are still available and I am sure a few emails I could get a test press, but at this point in time I dont feel like dropping another $100+ for 1 song, I am mad, but not that mad.

(Feb 2014 update) Triple B had these on sale and I wanted a few other things so bought the last two (red and blue) I need to have all 3.

“At Both Ends Zine” split - heaps of colours done, some as limited as 1, very random, I have in clear red and grey

I did inquire about more colours and a test press but with so many I decided it wasn't worth it

Bane/Adamantium Split (Indecision Records) - Grey (550)
Bane/Adamantium Split (Indecision Records) - Black (1574)

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Bane/Adamantium Split (Indecision Records) - Test Press

- I have twice forgotten about a grey version that was selling on ebay as I have seen it with 8 or 9 days left. I figure eventually I will get it, test press though is a different story.
- I now have the grey thanks to Dalbec again (June 2013)

As I Look To The Future Compilation (Solution Records)
As We Look To The Future Compilation (Solution Records)
(black w/ white sleeves, black w/ light blue sleeves, blue w/ white sleeves (and maybe blue sleeves too) and black w/ white sleeves with a stonkie stamp /20. There is also a bunch of mix ups)

Still Need
As We (or I) Look To the future compilation – Test Press

The record inside "As I look to the future" is actually "As we..." I am somewhat angry about this but I paid maybe $10 for it off ebay and sometimes thats just how it goes sometimes. If I come across another at a good price I might buy it, but I am not going to chase it hard.

Still Need
All Systems Go! Compilation – Test press

All Systems Go! Compilation (Black) (1500)

All Systems Go! Compilation (Navy Blue / Brown Marble Split) (300)

All Systems Go! Compilation (Navy Blue) (100)

All Systems Go! Compilation (Rust / Brown Marble) (100)

I have the CD of this compilation and there is one or two of the vinyl on ebay but I just find I cant be bothered spending the money on it any time soon.


  1. I feel the same way about the All Systems Go! comp. I have one colour that I got when it came out, and I picked up a test for cheap, but I can't be fucked to chase the other colours.

    Also, I don't own a single copy of that 'At Both Ends' thing. When it came out I emailed the labels asking if i could buy a test. Dude said I could if I bought one of every colour combination there was. He said he had about 30 different colours. So to get a test I would have had to buy like 30 2x7"s. I politely declined, and it put me off buying even one copy.

    I also only have one copy of the 'as we look to the future' comp because the variations annoy me. My take on it is that it is supposed to be called 'as WE look to the future' given that's what cover version 1 is called and it is what the labels on the record say. i would guess that the first press sold out so they did a repress and decided to make a new cover for it, but in the process somehow fucked up and switched 'we' for 'I' in the title. The labels of the records will all say 'we' on though as there would have been no need to redesign the labels. so no need for you to buy more copies. but the whole thing just irritates me because it is so damn slack.

    1. (originally sending this i didnt reply) Funnily enough the guy from "at both ends" said i was the second to inquire about a mass lot of records. I think by memory he was gonna send me about 15 or 18 for about $150. I ordered the magazine when it was first done and then down the track thought more of it and sent some emails but 2 is enough i decided.

      Thats an interesting point about the as i/we...comp in that youre probably right with the fact the record labels will all be as we, only the cover has i. I bought 1 in a collection of about 10 bane records for about $70 and between me and mike (referenced in why bane records) we split them up and that was 1 i wanted. I got the second with "I" one for nothing.

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